Sinotex UK Ltd

supply silk scarves and fabrics for textile artists and silk and fabric painters.

We normally have the following silk fabrics and scarves available for prompt, ex stock delivery:

11102Pongee / Paj / Habotai 100% silk 5mm 90cm wide per roll approx 50mt
11207 Pongee / Paj / Habotai 100% silk 8mm 90cm wide per roll approx 50mt
SCC2sCushion Cover Pongee / Paj / Habotai 8mm 40x40cm
SM1Silk face mask (subject to sale)
SPG46Silco  57%silk / 43%cotton 114cm wide per roll approx 50mt 19mm
SSC113Shawl, long scarf Pongee / Paj / Habotai   5mm 35x130cm
SSC120Shawl, long scarf Pongee / Paj / Habotai   5mm 28x114cm
SSC13sSquare / Handkerchief Pongee / Paj / Habotai 5mm 55x55cm 100% silk
SSC147Shawl, long scarf Crepe de Chine 10mm 45x180cm
SSC15Scarf Pongee / Paj / Habotai 90x90cm 5mm
SSC18Shawl, long scarf Pongee / Paj / Habotai   5mm 40x150cm
SSC19Shawl Pongee / Paj / Habotai   5mm 45x180cm
SSC2Handkerchief Pongee / Paj / Habotai   5mm 28x28cm (24 scarves per pack)
SSC255Shawl, long scarf Crepe de Chine 5mm 28x130cm
SSC27Handkerchief Pongee / Paj / Habotai 8mm 28x28cm (24 scarves per pack)
SSC28 Pongee / Paj / Habotai 8mm scarf 90x90cm
SSC51Shawl, long scarf Dong Feng Gauze / Chiffon  3.5mm 40x150cm
SSC52Shawl, long scarf Dong Feng Gauze / Chiffon  3.5mm 45x180cm
SSC72sScarf, long scarf Pongee / Paj / Habotai 8mm 40x150cm
STC23Tie Pongee / Paj / Habotai
2499..Quick Color microwave dyes, 30ml tube. 12 colours. Supplied per outer of 6 tubes per colour.

All fabrics used in our scarves are made from 100% mulberry silk, unless stated otherwise.
Silk units of weight are the Momme (mm). 1 Momme = 4.34 grams per square metre. So the popular weights for silk painters 5mm and 8mm are approx 22gsm and approx 35gsm, respectively.
All our scarves and squares are hand-rolled and sewn with silk thread.

In addition to our stock range, we also offer all items from IDEEN in Germany – a huge selection of over 800 different fabrics, scarves and accessories for the textile artist.
Unfortunately, due to the extra costs of importing from the EU following Brexit, we are no longer able to combine an IDEEN order with our stock lines to make up a carriage paid order. We are also able to supply Dupont silk paints and felt products from Meaningful Crafts in the Netherlands. See the order pages for details.

Sinotex is a trade only supplier. Scarves are normally packed in units of 12 and fabric is sold by the roll of approximately 50 metres. Minimum order values and carriage terms apply. Please see the order pages for details on how to order.
For more information please email us at or telephone +44 (0)1737 245450